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Our Tax Day “Perhapanauts” special spread like wildfire on Twitter, so we’re going to make lightning strike twice! From 12am FRIDAY 4/25/14 to 12am SATURDAY 4/26/14, pledge $25 OR MORE to the Utopiates Audio Drama Kickstarter and receive the BATTLE FOR LA audio drama, adapted from the Moonstone illustrated novella, completely FREE!


AudioComics and 01Publishing have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds for their production of Utopiates!

Based on the award winning graphic novel by Josh Finney (Titanium Rain, Star Trek: Enterprise) and Kat Rocha (Giant-Sized Batman #1), the production will star Denise Poirier, the voice and soul of MTV’s Æon Flux. Poirier will voice the Prophet, a shadowy figure who deals in the most illicit of bio-engineered drugs in a futuristic Los Angeles.

“I’m so thrilled about this,” says Poirier “I can already see how I’m going to be able to slip into her skin.” According to author Josh Finney, “It’s Denise’s character who ties the narrative together. She’s a force of nature. When the Prophet enters the scene, people’s lives change forever.”

Utopiates 2Utopiates follows the lives of four individuals whose paths intersect by way of a drug called “utopiates,” which is a merging of the words utopia and opiate. The drug’s appeal is that it allows them to inject the memories, dreams, and most importantly, personalities, of others. Every user has his own reasons for seeking this chemical escape, but all learn the price of “soul swapping” is very, very high.

Joining the Utopiates audio drama will be a full-cast production of veteran actors, state-of- the-art SFX, and an original score by BBC soundtrack composer, Jonathan Sharp. Also featured will be choice songs from bands Bio-Tek, New Mind, and Slingshot Venus. Helming the project is Audie Award-winning director William Dufris.

“Our aim is bring the art form of radio drama into the 21st Century,” says Dufris. “Just like our prior success with Titanium Rain, this will not be another classic radio play of old. Utopiates will have the same immersive depth, effects and intensity we’ve come to expect from a high-budget film.”

If AudioComics is able to meet all its Kickstarter goals, Utopiates will be a two part set. The first disc will be an adaptation of Finney & Rocha’s original graphic novel. The second part will offer three entirely new stories set in the Utopiates universe: Utopiates: Urban Legends.

Utopiates 3Of these three tales, one will be scripted by Finney, one by an author yet to be announced, and the last and final story will be penned by none other than scifi legend John Shirley. One of the godfathers of the cyberpunk genre, Shirley’s work has been deeply influential. Elements of his novels have found their way into properties such as Dark Angel, Max Headroom, and most notably, the Matrix Trilogy. Likewise, it was Shirley who wrote the screenplay for the The Crow, starring the late Brandon Lee.

The Kickstarter campaign continues through May 25, with perks including original art, commissioned sketches, and CD’s and digital downloads! You can also have a character named after you in the audio drama, and at our top tier of pledging, Denise Poirier will record an outgoing voicemail message for you.

Also coming from AudioComics and 01Publishing: Titanium Rain: Embedded, an audiobook tie-in to the TR series, bridging the gap between Episode One and the forthcoming Episode Two. Narrated by JP Guimont (Horrorscopes, Gamadin: Word of Honor), Embedded introduces us to war correspondent Matt Stewart, whose journal offers new and personal insights re: the Civil War. (Note: Matt Stewart will return in TR 2.)

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