With AudioComics, we have produced exceptional works for audio: Starstruck, Titanium Rain, The Perhapanauts. We have won acclaim and awards, which led to Audible Studios and Locke and Key. Pocket Universe marks the next step in our evolution.

Under P.U.P. we will expand to include multi-narrator projects, sound design and voiceover for animation and video games, and the world of live performance. We are even developing an original library of intellectual properties, works and concepts co-owned by the company members and the LLC.

Not to fear, we will not only finish the projects that we have begun under the AudioComics label but also embark on some even bigger projects that will positively blow you out of the water. “As big as Locke and Key?” Try BIGGER.

On a final note, after five years with the company Elaine Lee is leaving as a Producing Partner to focus on several writing projects. But she will still be involved with the occasional P.U.P. project as a creative collaborator, as will Fred Greenhalgh of Finalrune, Dirk Maggs of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame, and Grammy winner John McElroy.

Visit our new website (link above), and keep an eye out for the Pocket Universe Podcast!

PLEASE NOTE: While we will continue to keep the AudioComics Company website up for reference, any queries or comments must be addressed to our new website. Thank you!

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Reviews Rolling in… and they Rock!

Reviews for AudioComics’ full-cast audio epic Locke & Key are coming in fast and furious! Aaron Liptak of io9 says “Locke & Key Is Just As Haunting As An Audio Drama As It Is A Graphic Novel.” Scott D. Danielson of SFFaudio says “I would love to hear more of this kind of thing! In the meantime, I’ll be listening to this one again.” Leia Calderon of Sub-Cultured says, “…exceeded all expectations, joining the likes of successful audio dramas like the podcasts Serial and the immensely popular Welcome to Night Vale.And here’s Bar, our fave fan vlogger

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Watch our LOCKE & KEY featurette!

Now purchase your copy of Locke and Key from Audible!

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AudioComics presents an Audible Studios Production… LOCKE AND KEY

AudioComics is proud to present our newest full-cast production for Audible Studios, LOCKE AND KEY, based on the critically-acclaimed best-selling graphic novel series by JOE HILL and GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ, published by IDW!

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