The Adventures of the Galactic Girl Guides

Coming to AudioComics Kids! The Adventures of the Galactic Girl Guides!Brucilla and Galactic Girl Guides“A Girl Guide is wary, cunning, clever, assertive, flexible, patient, inventive and brave…but not stupidly so!”
– from the official Galactic Girl Guide Handbook

Currently in development: AudioComics Kids plans to release 6, 10-minute episodes of The Adventures of the Galactic Girl Guides.

Based on  comic stories by Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta, first published in Dave Stevens Rocketeer Adventure Magazine and most recently collected in the Starstruck Deluxe Edition, The Adventures of the Galactic Girl Guides feature characters that the creators describe as “little con-artist girl scouts in space.”

“I had noticed that most of the children’s stories about little boys were stories of adventure,” says Lee. “The characters in these stories took risks and were rewarded for that behavior, while the girls’ stories were about enduring hardship or being good. I wanted to create stories where the girls had adventures, went on quests and were, perhaps, a little self-serving. Not bad, mind you… just having survival instinct and a normal amount of self-interest.”

Our Galactic Girl Guides audio movies will also feature boy Rocket Rangers and will appeal to adults, as well as kids!

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