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The Domino Lady. The Black Terror. The Black Bat. Airboy and Valkyrie. Beginning in 2012, these classic pulp heroes and comic book characters from the 1930’s and 1940’s will come to audio drama for the first time in brand new stories from today’s leading pulp authors as part of The Audiocomics Pulp imprint.

For these stories, we’re keeping these characters rooted in their origins and time periods: Hammett’s San Francisco, Chandler’s Los Angeles, and big, bad New York City. California and New York during the dirty thirties and forties was the new wild west: immoral, violent, and wearing the white hat and a badge didn’t mean you didn’t have suspect motives.

With the lines so badly blurred, the only way to meter justice was behind a mask.

Recordings commenced in late 2011 in San Francisco with the first ever Domino Lady audio movie as part of a five-volume anthology of short works known as AudioComics Pulp Adventures. APA plays will be released first as pay-per-download Mp3 serial recordings and then to community radio stations, with collected compact disc “audiothologies” available for sale at comic and pulp conventions. In addition,  AudioComics Pulp will also release several free five-to-ten minute APA pieces as digital content for mobile phones in the future, as well as full-length original works featuring these classic characters.

“Pulp Adventures” is © 2011 Bold Venture Productions. “Pulp Adventures” is used with special permission by Richard Harvey and Bold Venture Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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