Our Special Thanks To…

The AudioComics Company and 01Publishing would like to give a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who helped support the recording of Titanium Rain Vol. 1 through our campaigns on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter in 2011:

Andy Agnew
Caitlin Allen
Brent Askari
Rodger and Sharon Axt
Phyllis Axt-Houlihan
Sherri Berger
Cathleen Bowen
Dale Brown
Lyssa Browne
Lois Buhalis
Kirsten Cappy
Mark de Castrique
Harper Lee Collins
James Cornell
Bruce Coville
Dale Daigle
Kymberly Dakin
Algernon D’Ammassa
Scott Danielson
Andrew Davis
Lewis Davis
Rupert Degas
James Demer
Norman Dietz
Kevin Donnelly
Caine Dorr
Ruth Duffy
Mark Estdale
Craig Foley
Ann Gallenson
Bryan JL Glass
Fred Greenhalgh
David Hammond
Adam Henderson
Thaddeus Howze
P. William Hutchinson
Clayton Ikler
Paul Johnson
Katy Kellgren
Elizabeth Knowelden
Kathryn Krug
David La Graffe
Kevin Lansford
Mats Lindstrom
Live Oak Media
Susan Mackewich
Dirk Maggs
Harry Marriner
Patrick McEvoy
Eric Meyers
Kerby Mitchell
Judy Molner
Sam A. Mowry
William Mullin
Teresa Paul
Brian K. Price
Keith Reagan
Stephanie Diaz Reppen
Joanne Reuillard
Michael Rocha
Barbara Rosenblat
Liza Ross
Melissa Ross
Christopher Schager
Douglas Seager
Susan Shaw
Sande Sherr
John and Maryan Shipley
Damian Smith
William Steele
Tym Stevens
Ellen Stewart
Karen Stilwell
Michael Thomas
Stephen Edward Vale
Suzanne Van Ness
Patience Wieland
Dion Winton-Polak
Adam and Comfort Withers
JK Woodward


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