What they’re saying about Honey West: Murder on Mars!


“Since the late 1950s, the brash and beautiful Honey West has had a healthy cult following in novels, comics, and television. Now the alluring detective has been adapted to audio, and she s found the perfect narrator, Carrington MacDuffie. MacDuffie brings all the vocal sass, humor, and smarts needed to break a tough case wide open.” – AudioFile Magazine

“One of the strengths of Elaine Lee’s work is that, coming from an acting background, her dialogue sounds very natural when spoken aloud. Her adaptation of the comic book series she did with Ronn Sutton just sounds right. The characters are all believable and the story is engaging. Director, William Dufris, and a sharp cast, featuring Carrington MacDuffie as Honey West, bring Lee’s script to life and capture the spirit of the era and the dark side of Hollywood denizens in decline in a perfect manner.” – Rudy Panucci, PopCult

“Carrington MacDuffie’s portrayal of Honey West draws the listener into Elaine Lee’s fabulous 3-act script, conjuring up comic-strip images embellished with Roy Lichtenstein’s Benday Dot’s in the listener’s mind’s eye. Incidental music stylised in the roots of the early 1960s and a strong supporting cast of character actors give this audio drama a definitive old-time-radio feel.” – Andy’s Retrospace

“There are audiobooks, and then there are audio presentations. In the arena of audio presentations, some are just books that are read with a superb excellence, and others are intended to be listened to. This experience is the latter. Honey West: Murder on Mars is recorded with a cast of voices perfect for the match, complete with acting ability and suspense.” – Scripted/Genius

“The case was excellent, giving the story that complete Honey West of the 60s feel.  The characters are all perfectly performed and it almost sounds as if you are listening to an old radio show.  Great acting, realistic sound effects and the music!  The music segues really added an extra oomph! to this performance.  They were old jazzy lounge music bits that fit in with the portrayed time and setting of this performance.  All of this together makes for a very entertaining production that you should really get for your collection now.” – BOOKS/

“This is a fine and true mystery, with nonstop turns and twists to a plot complemented fully with witty dialogue. Through at times tongue in cheek suspense, Honey’s narrative is the guiding force for the story, as we follow her in and out of trouble amidst a cast and crew that could show prime-time television soap operas a thing or three about backstabbing and general naughtiness. Of course the heroine prevails in the end, but not without surviving several threats to her person along the way. Discerning the motives of the core players is handled like the slow-motion unwrapping of birthday presents, with the untangling web presenting a solid story peppered with a touch of raunch and captivating amusement alongside nostalgia. And there is nostalgia to this, with a story set fifty years ago that grandly suggests the simpler times of days gone by were not so simple after all.” – Richard Caldwell, The Lottery Party

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