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1.   What is an “audio movie?”

An “audio movie” is the audio equivalent of a 200 million dollar full-length feature film or million dollar short film, in which the sound techniques of cinematic production and post-production are applied to pure aural storytelling, produced at a fraction of the cost. While AudioComics provides the dialogue, sound effects, and music, the listener provides the visuals, shaping the action to his or her own liking, ultimately bringing the listener deeper into the experience as an active participant, thus making audio movies one of the most visual forms of entertainment available.

Unlike “full cast narration” audio books and programs from the “golden age of radio,” AudioComics’ productions take the medium of audio drama into the future with…

  • World class acting from trained audio book narrators and theatrically-trained actors
  • Scripts which obey the rules of screenwriting translated into the aural medium
  • Environments and sound effects presented as “sound layers,” creating a sense of realism within the scenic circumstances; this means that sometimes voices do not take center stage as with audio books, but ultimately the ends justify the means, the end being a listening experience unlike any other
  • Productions directed with an eye toward the physical – actors do not just stand before microphones and speak; they put their entire bodies, from feet to facial features, into the delivery of their lines to create a deeper sense of realism.
  • All of our audio movies are recorded and mixed in state-of-the-art digital stereo.

2.   Where can I find your AudioComics Company productions?

Compact discs are available through AudioComics and the creators we work with through numerous outlets, including Amazon, CD Baby, and the ZBS Foundation, or at a comic convention near you! Pay-per-Mp3 downloads can be purchased through Audible, Findaway World, Downpour, Audiobooks.com, iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Amazon Mp3 UK, CD Baby, ZBS, and Rhapsody… to start with.

3.   Why is it that the prices for your Mp3 downloads seem to be all over the place?

With most providers AudioComics must work with third party distributors; in these cases, the price is set by the provider and not by AudioComics, partly based on the number of tracks, partly based on file sizes. With other distributors, such as CD Baby, we are able to deal directly with them and set prices accordingly.

4.   I use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – how can I purchase a download from AudioComics?

Unfortunately, for the time being, you cannot use these particular mobile device to download directly from us due to restrictions by Safari. If you wish to purchase from us directly, use your personal computer to download the files and then bring them into iTunes and let iTunes manage the files on your mobile device. The other option is to purchase the pieces through iTunes or Audible directly from iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.

5.   How can I be an actor in an AudioComics production?

We have a regular company of actors we work with, in addition to having access to an extended family of talented actors we have worked with previously in stage productions, on film, and in front of a microphone. Though we are not actively seeking talent for any of our current projects, we may be in the position to need talent for a future production, in which case we will post a casting notice on this site. We respectfully ask that actors not send in unsolicited audition MP3 files until such a situation occurs. Which means, of course, keep checking back!

6.   I have a home studio set-up so I can send my lines in by MP3…

Ah. As Shakespeare once wrote, “there’s the rub.”

With 99% of our productions, all actors must be physically present in the studio at the time of voice-over recording.

Voices recorded in different spaces mean significant sonic differences in the final product. Also, having the actors available means that the action is not broken up, and provides for a better acting experience, which critical listeners will hear.

7.   I have a comic book series. Would the AudioComics Company be interested in adapting it?

We are currently booked into 2016 with comics-to-audio projects, so for the time being we are not looking at any projects before then. Unsolicited submissions will be discarded.

Do note that our focus is on creator-owned material, as we like to have direct contact with the creators as much as possible. This also means that there are certain “fringe benefits” not normally offered to creators in the industry, including the opportunity to adapt your own graphic novel for audio*, working in close collaboration on the “aural translation,” and the chance to be involved with casting. Creators also have the option to attend the voice-over recording sessions.

*Please note: we are not actively seeking writers outside of the comic book industry to adapt our comics-to-audio productions. Creators always receive first crack at adapting their works; alternatively, the AudioComics Company can adapt the material in house, again working in collaboration with the creator/writer on the process, thus making him/her/them the project’s “Script Editor (s).”

8.   Can we purchase productions directly from you?

At present, no. We will be working in the new year (2015) to build an original storefront that can handle the file sizes of our downloads without restriction so we can offer these productions as both MP3 and uncompressed WAV files.

9.   What is your contact information?

Contact us by e-mail at: contact@audiocomicscompany.com

Or by phone at: (845) 389-1774

10.   Conditions of Use and Liability Limitations:


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d. The AudioComics web site attempts to display product images shown on the site as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see matches the product color, as the display of the color depends, in part, upon the monitor you are using.

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